9/13 Webinar: Towards Analysis Led Design

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Join CSEG  for our first Webinar where we’ll discuss the benefits and features of various analytical design tools and achieving predictive analytical capability of various fluid systems.  Sign Up Now!

Date and Time:
Tuesday, September 13, 2011 – 2:00 pm (Eastern)/1 pm (Central)/11 AM (Pacific)

Towards Analysis Led Design
A 15 minute talk followed by a 15 minute discussion on collaboration between system modeling, individual component CFD and collaboration with other CAE tools towards achieving predictive analytical capability of various fluid systems in a vehicle such as cooling system, AC system, lubrication system, transmission oil and fuel systems.

This event will specifically cover

  • Where industry is today in advanced system modeling capabilities
  • Collaboration with 3D CFD to achieve predictive capability
  • Reliability analysis and optimization of these systems
  • Further integration with other CAE tools such as MatLab/Simulink to achieve higher fidelity in simulation across system

This event will have a short presentation (15 min) by the host Sudhi Uppuluri, followed by a discussion and Q&A by the panelists and attendees.

Who should attend:
CTOs, Engineering Managers, Chief Engineers and Systems Engineers who are responsible for design and analysis vehicle powertrain, underhood and HVAC systems or meeting the fuel economy and emissions requirements of the vehicle. If you have a schedule conflict but are interested in the content, sign-up for the event anyway. The Presentation along with some notes will be sent to the registrants immediately after of the event.

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