Vehicle Level 1D Modeling

CSEG’s vehicle level modeling service speeds up your ability to iterate and refine your designs. The vehicle level modeling is primarily performed using CSEG’s own PowertrainLive ®, a Simulink based vehicle level model which can either be forward looking or a backward-hybrid looking depending on the problem statement and the amount of data available. Vehicle level modeling allows you to assess the improvement in a component or a control strategy at the vehicle level.


A robust vehicle level model is normally only possible for the OEM who has access all of the complex vehicle data needed for such a model. CSEG has developed a robust vehicle level model pre-populated with real world vehicle data from multiple public and proprietary sources that allow Tier 1s and other manufacturers to have this same flexibility. The most promising use of this technology is to evaluate the fuel economy and emissions impact of a particular technology at the vehicle level on a specific vehicle under various different drive cycles.

Image Image

*Above figure shows correlation of CSEG’s PowertrainLive simulation data in close agreement with 2012 Ford F-150 UDDS hot start test data. This test data is from the Downloadable Dynamometer Database and was generated at the Advanced Powertrain Research Facility (APRF) at Argonne National Laboratory under the funding and guidance of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)”

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