Do autonomous vehicles suffer from the Segway fallacy?

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In today’s world, new technological inventions are being introduced to make life considerably easier. The auto industry has also been a subject to new groundbreaking technologies. The invention of the autonomous vehicle concept has been subject to debate in the auto industry circles. The billion-dollar question remains: How long before autonomous vehicles hit the road? A year? (Read this: GM plans … Read More

Key takeaways from ORC conference

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Here are key take aways from the Engine ORC Consortium in Plymouth MI in November 2017. The Engine ORC Consortium is an open forum for technology sharing and learning about mobile and stationary ORC systems up to 100 kW output power. The conference was well represented by many key players working in the ORC field. They had 6 OEMs (Volvo, … Read More

Upcoming Events in September

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CSEG has a few events coming up this month. First, we will be exhibiting at the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle technology Expo from September 12-14 in Novi, MI.  We will be in booth #728 and look forward to talking to you about your interests in PowertrainLive as it applies to alternatively fuel vehicles. Additionally, we will provide a live demo … Read More

APIs to PowertrainLive

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          At CSEG, we are leading the way with our new cloud-based service, PowertrainLive, which is an innovative virtual vehicle modeling software for vehicle-level fuel economy and impact assessment. The automotive industry is seeing a shift towards sophisticated electronic systems, digital-based services, and cutting-edge powertrains. With PowertrainLive, automotive OEMs and Tier 1s can virtually test these … Read More

“What are we doing on hybrids and electric vehicles?”

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What are we doing on hybrids and electric vehicles? was question that was brought up one of our quarterly strategy meeting. Surely, we had been actively working on technology assessment on conventional vehicles (such as assessment of thermal management strategies and waste heat recovery), but our strategic advisor was concerned about the sharp rise in the number of hybrids on the market. … Read More

What you missed at 2017 VTMS13 conference…

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I just got back from the 2017 VTMS13 (Vehicle Thermal Management Systems) conference in London from May 17th-18th. The conference attendance was lighter than 2 years ago (VTMS12 in Nottingham in 2015) and majority of the attendees for this year’s conference were from UK OEMs and academia. The topics discussed at this year’s conference were quite interesting and more relevant … Read More

What you missed at SIAT 2017

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BS VI standards that are coming up in 2020 were a big topic of discussion at SIAT 2017 especially in light of the fact that India has the 30 of the top 100 most polluted cities in the world, according to the World Health Organization. There is some distant hope that perhaps a direct leap to affordable electric vehicles could … Read More

What is the future for Simulation in a “Real-World Emissions” World?

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What happens when the laboratory is no longer the gold standard? PEMS (Portable Real World Emissions Systems) is the route to bring the “real-world” back to testing.  It works by simply measuring emissions outside of laboratory conditions and in the real world instead.   Why the fuss?  Real world emissions are messy.   Laboratory conditions exist solely to reduce variability and … Read More

What you missed at 2016 SAE World Congress…

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Here is what you missed on thermal management at the 2016 SAE World Congress Honda showed how they doubled the power and halved their costs of the Thermo-Electric Generator module with some very clever packaging and design on the Civic. Most of us in this area know that moving the TEG module closer to the engine will generate more power … Read More

New Whitepaper on Vehicle Level Modeling Available.

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CSEG has just published a new white paper entitled: “Designing the Value Proposition of Components with Vehicle Level Modeling of Fuel Economy and Emissions for Tier 1s” Download the paper here.  This paper outlines the business case for Tier 1s to use Vehicle Level Modeling, describes the process of vehicle level modeling and looks at multiple “What If” scenarios using … Read More