About CSEG

Computational Sciences Experts Group (CSEG) is a software and engineering consulting company that was founded in 2011. CSEG’s engineers have, on average, 15 years of advanced modeling and simulation experience, and are considered experts in those fields. CSEG’s engineers publish multiple technical papers as well as present at various industry conferences annually.



CSEG offers the SaaS PowertrainLive. PowertrainLive is a 1D simulation modeling program that evaluates the vehicle-level impacts of technologies and components on fuel economy and system performance.

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  • PowertrainLive's pre-built model saved us a few months of modeling time in our advanced technology project. It helped us focus on the technology rather than vehicle modeling and the time we saved was used to assess other new ideas

    Dan Hornback, Supervisor, Advanced Powertrain Thermal System, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

  • PowertrainLive and CSEG's vehicle level modeling services have helped us understand how waste heat recovery systems provide vehicle-level benefits, as applied to thermoelectric generators in pick-up trucks, guiding our technical direction and enhancing the engagement with our OEM customers.”

    Adam Kotrba, Global Research Director, Tenneco

  • “As Dana was evaluating a new thermal management solution for improving fuel economy, CSEG, using PowertrainLive, helped to assess the vehicle level impact of the technology to shape the direction of the product design.”

    Michael Bardeleben, Heat Transfer Analytical Development Manager, Dana Canada Corporation