80% of the innovation projects never see the light of day.


Predict the fuel economy impact and price target of new technologies before you spend millions building them.

Using our extensive vehicle simulation library, PowertrainLive accurately calculates fuel economy impact and target price of a new technology in virtually every type of vehicle. Developing technology for a pick-up truck? We've got that. Developing for an EV? We've got a few of those too. Call us for library of vehicles available.

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How accurate are these simulation models? Insanely accurate.

Our vehicle level models are correlated with test data for a wide variety of drive cycles including extreme cold and hot temperatures. These correlations across a wide range of operating conditions ensure all types of energy use are captured. The models are ready to go, and can calculate fuel and energy economy impact of any new technology in minutes.

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SaaS for global access models. Simulink for maximum flexibility.

Our SaaS installation of PowertrainLive gives single point access. Your global teams, no matter where they are located, can simultaneously access vehicle models for analysis, speeding up the technology development process. No need to install software. No powerful computers need. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

Need to customize the model and link it with your other software? No problem. The Simulink version of the vehicle models will do the trick.


See what our customers are saying about PowertrainLive

  • PowertrainLive's pre-built model saved us a few months of modeling time in our advanced technology project. It helped us focus on the technology rather than vehicle modeling and the time we saved was used to assess other new ideas

    Dan Hornback, Supervisor, Advanced Powertrain Thermal System, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

  • PowertrainLive and CSEG's vehicle level modeling services have helped us understand how waste heat recovery systems provide vehicle-level benefits, as applied to thermoelectric generators in pick-up trucks, guiding our technical direction and enhancing the engagement with our OEM customers.”

    Adam Kotrba, Global Research Director, Tenneco

  • “As Dana was evaluating a new thermal management solution for improving fuel economy, CSEG, using PowertrainLive, helped to assess the vehicle level impact of the technology to shape the direction of the product design.”

    Michael Bardeleben, Heat Transfer Analytical Development Manager, Dana Canada Corporation


PowertrainLive calculates key parameters which no other software does.

We have developed proprietary correlations to calculate estimate exhaust mass flow, exhaust temperature, engine heat rejection, battery heat rejection etc which act as boundary conditions for your other CAE analysis.

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PowertrainLive plays well with other software

The back-end core analysis engine for PowertrainLive is developed in Matlab/Simulink. This means it seamlessly connects with your other CAE tools, so you have a complete integrated simulation model from a detailed component level to the vehicle level.

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A GUI so easy and intuitive, no training is required to use it.

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